GRE Verbal 4 Section 1 Question 16
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Author:  questioner [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:14 am ]
Post subject:  GRE Verbal 4 Section 1 Question 16

The increased potential for fiscal mismanagement is a sobering thought considering the influx of baby boomers to America's senior populations. Financial responsibility, like other essential skills, deteriorates with age, and the unwillingness of aging elders to relinquish control compounds the problem. While the deleterious effect of maturing on other behaviors, such as driving, is well documented, pecuniary habits have not been extensively studied. However, the discomfiture associated with honest assessment of abilities is highly likely to impact this aspect of personal maintenance as well. Since seniors control over a third of the nation's wealth, there are valid reasons for concern.

Which of the following best summarizes the passage?
A) Financial management skills are prone to deterioration as people age.
B) Older men show greater fiscal responsibility than women of the same age.
C) Immediate measures must be taken to remove control of wealth from the elderly.
D) A significant amount of American wealth is likely to be mismanaged in the near future.
E) The same physiological processes that contribute to the deterioration of driving skills operate to diminish a senior's financial acuity.

The correct answer is (D). While (A) is true, it is a detail from the passage rather than the main idea. There is no discussion of gender differences, so (B) is incorrect. Since there are no recommendations in the passage, (C) cannot be the answer.

Choice (E) is not validated in the passage. Answer (D), as stated in both the opening and closing sentences, best summarizes the point of the passage.

That answer choice does not really summarize the paragraph, rather it's the conclusion to which the statement is heading. The summary would be that, like other skills, financial management is suceptible to mental deterioration with age. A is closest to that.

Author:  Nick [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:15 am ]
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