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Author:  questioner [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  GMAT Percentage

If 280 people, constituting 5 percent of the population of a town, ride bicycles, and the others do not, then how many people in the town do not ride bicycles?
A. 5930
B. 5600
C. 5320
D. 5110
E. 4980

(C) We are told that 280 is 5% of the population of the town. We can then write the following equation, where P is the population of the town:
280 = 0.05P.

Now we can solve for P:
280 = 0.05P
P = 280/.05 = 28000/5
P = 5600 people.

The number of people in the town who do not ride bicycles is the total number of people in the town minus the number of people in the town who ride bicycles:
5600 – 280 = 5320 people.

The correct answer is choice (C).
The correct answer is B 5,600, not C 3,200. You might want to change that on this test so it doesn't mark this as incorrect. Even in your own reasoning you explain it as 5.600, so just change the C to B.

Author:  Gennadiy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GMAT Percentage

5,600 is the number of people in the town. But we are asked to calculate the number of people who do NOT ride bicycles. There are only 5,320 such people among 5,600.

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