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Who takes it?
Exclusively for MBA and some economics programs. Accepted by graduate school and over 250 MBA programs.
Shows business schools that you are serious about getting an MBA. Perfect if you are applying to both MBA and graduate school programs. The GRE is an easier test both in structure and content.
Who should take it?
Students determined to get into a good business school. Laid back students applying to both business and graduate schools.
Inside scoop
  • Investment banks and recruiters will review your GMAT scores for employment. They generally don't view GRE scores seriously.
  • Business schools like the GMAT more (but they don't openly state this).
  • The GMAT is the "gold standard."
  • It is not uncommon for GMAT students to spend hundreds of hours preparing.
  • Generally easier for most students than the GMAT.
  • The GRE has an easier grading curve. Getting into the 99th percentile on the GMAT is close to impossible.
  • You won't waste months in test preparation.
Challenging sections
  • Sentence Correction (grammar)
  • Excruciatingly difficult math section where many students get close to perfect scores.
  • Given adequate time and effort, the GMAT can be mastered, just don't expect to have a life. The GMAT favors determined students.
  • Hard for international students to master vocabulary on a short term basis.
  • Two writing sections mean a greater emphasis on writing.

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800score Courses
800score Online GMAT Course with 5 GMAT CATs 800score Online GRE Course with 5 GRE CATs

   GRE (Graduate School)

   GMAT (Business School)

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) testing is for admission to non-business graduate schools, such as psychology, history, and engineering

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) testing is for admission to business school MBA programs.

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