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Review your results

Reviewing your results (bookmark this page) Your results are auto-saved and you may review or continue your test by simply running it again on your computer. Go to to retake the test, continue a saved test, or review your results at any time.

Interpreting your scores

At the end of your test you received two scores: your section score and your percentile score. The section score range is from (1 to 51) for the Quantitative (Math) section. The Verbal section score is from 1 to 49 (Note that the top score for the Math and Verbal section and general scoring varies from year-to-year). The Math and Verbal scores combine to make an overall score from 200 to 800. For example, a score of 49 on the Quantitative section and 36 on the Verbal section translates into an overall score of about 700, which is the threshold for top 10 business schools.

This 200 to 800 overall score is the familiar score you see in evaluations of business schools. For example, the average GMAT score of accepted students at New York University (Stern) Business School is about 700.

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