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Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT) Functionality
Like the real GRE, questions are drawn from a pool categorized by difficulty level to match your skill level.
Multi-Platform Compatibility
Take your tests on one platform and then download your scores to review or continue your tests on a different platform.

PC / Mac
Sync Between PC / Mac / Mobile
In-Depth and Printable Explanations
Learn from your wrong answers with comprehensive explanations. Tests include analytical graphs and performance analysis.
Integrated and Timed GRE Essays
After you you finish the essay it will be sent to your email address with explanations and sample essays from other students along with an option for personalized grading.
Video Explanations
Tests include over 40 video and flash movie explanations for questions students find most vexing (sample video below). View a sample interactive flash explanation
800score Instructor Dr. Stergious Alexandris
Yale BA, MIT PhD Mathematics, GRE perfect score.

Built-in Forum and Tutor Support
Many questions are linked from the test directly to GRE Forums manned by 800score GRE experts. See an example of a forum thread linked from our test. Or, use the free 24-hour tutor support if you have any problems or questions.
30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you encounter any problems with our course and are unsatisfied, email us with your specific issue and we will issue a credit.
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