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1a. What is the GMAT?
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1c. How the GMAT CAT Works
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   Math and Verbal Section Guide

First, you must learn the foundation of knowledge necessary for the GMAT exam. This includes the basic math, grammar, reading, and reasoning skills. For students aiming to score over 600, you need to know advanced topics such as standard deviation, probability and quadratic equations.

Once you learn the fundamentals, we teach you the strategies to apply this knowledge to attack the GMAT (the most challenging standardized test in the world). We've developed these advanced strategies over the last 10 years by consulting with leading GMAT tutors and college professors.

The prep guide is designed so that you can skim areas less necessary or focus on more important material. You can be finished in 5 hours for a quick refresh, or up to 30 hours if you want to cover every page and do hundreds of practice questions.

  • Course includes over 100 instructional videos
    800score Instructor Dr. Stergious Alexandris Yale BA, MIT PhD Math, GMAT: 800 (51 Quant , 48 Verbal)

  • Learn the basics. 800score includes over 400 pages of basic and advanced information on reading comp, math, grammar and critical reasoning. Everything is easily browsable and sortable with different skill levels of content for your ability level.

  • Get strategized. Learn dozens of test-taking strategies sorted online for easy use and browsing. Course includes specific strategies for non-native English speakers and students aiming for a 600+ score.
  • Identify Trick Questions. Take hundreds of sample questions to directly reinforce our techniques to beat the GMAT's most challenging questions. All questions feature in-depth explanations so that you can learn from your mistakes.
  • Use graphics, videos and visuals. 800score's course is unique with its heavy use of cartoons, animation and graphics to help teach complex concepts. Here are examples from the course:
800score Three-Step Method to Sentence Correction Questions:

GMAT Sentence Correction: If graphic doesn't load, press shift-refresh in your webbrowser to reload the page.
Grammar is about the structure of sentences. 800score uses structural graphics to teach you how sentences work and make it interesting.

GMAT Sentence Correction: If graphic doesn't load, press shift-refresh in your webbrowser to reload the page.

GMAT Sentence Correction: If graphic doesn't load, press shift-refresh in your webbrowser to reload the page.

Abstract concepts should be taught using graphics to help you visualize concepts and strategies.

The 800score Reading Comprehension 5-Step Method

1. Classify the Passage
Is this a persuasive essay or a descriptive one? Is it science or humanities?
2. Break down each paragraph
Look for main idea, tone and transitions.
3. See the Organization
Make a mental road map of the essay and/or draw out a map structure on your dry erase scratch paper.

Find the Big Idea

Look for unusual language that makes an important point.
Pay special attention to the first and last paragraphs.
5. Diagnose the author's purpose
Look for intention in the essay.

   GMAT Prep Guide Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the GMAT (Free) advantages 800score

1a. What is the GMAT and what does it test?
1b. GMAT scoring and graduate schools
1c. How the GMAT CAT works
1d. Pacing strategies for the CAT
1e. General strategies for the CAT

Order the 800score Complete GMAT Prep Course to access Chapters 2 through 7 of the GMAT Prep Guide.

Ch. 2: Reading Comprehension
  • How to actively read texts for tone and bias
  • How to read quickly and efficiently How to analyze essay structure
  • The 10 major question types
  • Additional practice questions

Ch. 3: Critical Reasoning

  • How to analyze arguments
  • Types of arguments
  • How to spot logical fallacies and statistical fallacies
  • 7 critical Reasoning question types
  • Additional practice questions

Ch. 4. Sentence Correction

  • 150 idioms frequently used on the GMAT
  • 8 types of sentence correction errors
  • Typical sentence correction question
  • How to identify trick sentence correction questions.
  • 3-step technique to sentence correction questions
  • Additional practice questions

Ch. 5: Mathematics
  • Comprehensive math review of all subjects on the GMAT
  • Basic math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Additional practice questions

Ch. 6: Math Word Problems
  • How to read math questions
    a. Percentages
    b. Interest, discount, and markups
    c. Progressions
    d. Uniform motion
    e. Ratio and proportion
    f. Grouping and counting
    g. Data interpretation
    h. Symbols
  • 4-step technique to word problems
  • Math review
  • Standard deviation
  • Additional practice questions

Ch: 7: Data Sufficiency
  • Data sufficiency strategies
  • Main data sufficiency trick question types
  • 4-step technique to data sufficiency questions
  • Additional practice questions

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