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Kaplan is the leader in PSAT prep- more people get in to college with a Kaplan PSAT course than with any other major courses.

  • Largest question and test library-over 4,500 questions and 6 tests- the most in the industry
  • Proven track record- more effective than any other course
  • Higher score guaranteed, or your money back
  • Adaptive learning technology- personalized for your needs
  • Comprehensive teaching by an expert instructor who has mastered the PSAT
  • Convenient schedules for your busy lifestyle

PSAT On Demand

Prep at your own pace with comprehensive, video instruction accessible when and where you want.

Starting at $249

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PSAT Classroom Anywhere

Interact with expert teachers who deliver comprehensive instruction in a live, online classroom.

Kaplan PSAT Advantage Online Courses
08/26 - 09/30Sun
09/08 - 10/06Sat
09/12 - 09/26Mon, Wed
09/18 - 10/02Tue, Thu
09/23 - 10/07Sun
09/23 - 10/07Sat, Sun
09/27 - 10/06Tue, Thu, Sat
10/01 - 10/08Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

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PSAT Classroom On Site
Benefit from in-person, comprehensive instruction from expert teachers at a classroom location near you.

Local Kaplan PSAT Classroom Courses
Portland Kaplan Center: 1815 SW 5th Ave , Portland , OR 97201  -  more info
09/22 - 10/06 Sat, Sun
Rock Creek Community Church: 4470 NW 185th Ave , Portland , OR 97229  -  more info
09/17 - 10/01 Mon, Wed

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PSAT Tutoring
PSAT Tutoring offers the personalized preparation available with an expert tutor guiding you one-on-one.

PSAT Express (12 Hr) at $1,999
PSAT Review (20 Hr) at $2,999
PSAT Honors (26 Hr) at $3,699
PSAT Masters (32 Hr) at $4,299

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