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800Score Reviews

The 800score GMAT course sets the standard for low-cost test preparation. The tests are wonderfully designed and easy to use. The questions are challenging and the explanations are above anything else in the industry.

The course guide is rich with graphics and easy to read. The content is funny and well written. There are HUNDREDS of pages of materials, making this nearly as extensive as an online course.

The tests are highly intuitive and allow you to print out answers. Explanations cover the right answer and common wrong answers. Altogether, a highly effective product.

Epinions Review

This is a very good course for the money and it WILL make a difference on test day.

Epinions Review

Gmat Club, based in New York City, was founded in 1999 and is the largest online GMAT test preparation service. They have recently introduced an updated version of their course and within a few months plan on introducing an "advanced" version that will sell for $99. The "advanced" course features content beyond the scope of a typical GMAT textbook. The good news is that most of the "advanced" content is already integrated into the $39 course. So you are effectively getting a course worth $100 for $39, which is why the product is an exceptional value.

The 800score GMAT tests are computer adaptive, just like the real GMAT. The unique benefit about the content being online is that it allows 800score to cost-effectively offer a 600+ page course. The content is also printer friendly and can be downloaded for use offline.

1. 5 GMAT CAT Tests

(These are tests in the GMAT CAT format that simulate the actual GMAT. This means that the questions get harder or easier depending on your performance.)

    a. Technical Features
    b. Test Review

2. AWA Essay Prep
    a. Online Essay Grading
    b. Essay Prep Guide

3. Verbal Prep Guide
    a. Sentence Correction
    b. Reading Comprehension
    c. Critical Reasoning

4. Quantitative Prep Guide
    a. Math Introduction
    b. Fundamentals (Algebra, Geometry)
    c. Word Problems & Strategy
    d. Permutations, Combinations, Probability
    e. Data Sufficiency & Strategy
    f. Standard Deviation

1. 5 GMAT CAT Tests
The 800score tests offer a wide range of features.

1a. Technical Features

  Explanations & Scoring At the end of each test you will get a score, percentile and be able to view a complete explanation for each question that can be printed out.
  Computer Adaptive Test You will get questions based upon your skill level to simulate the actual GMAT. If you get questions right, the questions will get harder. If you get them wrong, the questions will get easier.
  Test Pacer The Test Pacer has an astoundingly simple concept: it tells you what question you should be on to finish the test on time. For example, if you are halfway through the test, it will tell you to be on the middle question. This teaches you the proper pacing for the GMAT. The Test Pacer is built into all the 800score exams.
  Auto Save/Recall Results are automatically saved at any point of the test.
  Performance Analysis Evaluates performance by time spent and question type.
  Graphical Explanations Some math questions include graphical explanations. This is a unique feature where flash movies create interactive visual explanations. View a sample.
  Timing The timing feature can be turned off so that you can continue the test after time expires.
  Links to content The explanations are linked to the online prep guide. If you have questions about content, you can click through the link to find out more about the topic.

1b. Test Review tests are easily the most user-friendly in the industry. The flash format is big, easy to read and quick to download. You can print out the explanations to each question, so you aren't left staring at a computer screen for another hour.

2. AWA Essay Prep
800score goes beyond typical GMAT courses with a comprehensive 60-page section on the GMAT essay section. This provides templates, strategies and 20 sample essays from the real GMAT essay questions.

2a. Online Essay Grading
800score also offers 20 practice timed essays. 10 are available on the "public" 800score course and 10 are integrated into the 5 sample tests. You can take these 30-minute timed GMAT essay simulations and the essay will be mailed to you with sample answers from previous students. 800score uses ivy-grad NYC tutors with several years of essay coaching experience for feedback. If you want an evaluation, they charge $19.95 for a full essay grading and feedback. To try out an essay, go to:

2b. Essay Prep Guide
This is a 60-page guide to writing for the essay section. It includes essay templates, strategies, tips and sample answers to 20 real GMAT essay questions.

3. Verbal Prep Guide
800score's verbal material is a standout among other GMAT products where the verbal sections tend to be weak. They are catering to international students, who constitute a large number of 800score students and who tend to have the most trouble with the verbal section.

3a. Sentence Correction
The Sentence Correction section has over 60 pages of content, including 30 timed online practice questions divided by skill level. The concept behind the section is that grammar can by taught by effectively using graphical layout diagrams so, as 800score puts it "we've made grammar exciting again!". They invested heavily in hiring talented graphic artists to produce well-rendered diagrams to teach grammatical concepts. It is about as much of a"page turner" as a grammar guide can be. The content focuses narrowly on the common error types found on the GMAT and it is interspersed with specific advice about "GMAT" grammar. There is plenty of introductory material for non-native speakers along with more advanced content.

Many courses have "3-step methods" or "4-step methods" for teaching students how to attack grammar questions. 800score goes one step further and integrates this strategy for deconstructing questions into their examples, making the explanations highly effective. This section stands toe-to-toe with anything available from a $1300 course and perhaps, with the addition of a few more examples and a bit more content, would exceed them.

3b. Reading Comprehension
This section is the most outstanding feature of the 800score course and has about 100 pages of material. It is a well-written and insightful breakdown of writing logic and structure combined with a thorough analysis of how to systematically dissect academic writing. Most students never developed these important critical reading and speed reading techniques. 800score score describes the chapter as "what you should have learned in college, but didn't."

The section includes a 10 complete sample essays. The content is highly in-depth and comparable to that of a $1300 course. It is also interspersed with cartoons t o keep the reader going through the extensive content.

3c. Critical Reasoning
The emphasis here is on identifying common logical error types. The theme from 800score on this section is that you "won't get fooled again." They do this by teaching common logical error tricks and go exhaustively through them using common examples from politics, media, etc. The focus is on teaching reasoning skills to help identify intentionally flawed arguments. This section, although comprehensive, is not as exhaustive as the other sections because it remains under development.

4. Quantitative Prep Guide

800score's concept is to focus heavily on different types of question types, so that there are no surprises on test day. The course is based on a neurobiological concept of the "chunks" developed by a Nobel-prize winning psychologist. If you have "chunks" of knowledge and experience, this helps you to solve questions. Creativity and problem solving skills are derived from experience and prior knowledge. Problem solving isn't about developing new solutions, but synthesizing existing knowledge. The GMAT quantitative section has a finite number of "tricks." If you can learn those tricks and the "chunks" the GMAT uses, you will have a huge advantage on test day. 800score stuffs its course with dozens of unique concepts and trick question types so you can think like the GMAT and aren't left scratching your head when confronting a difficult math question that seems unfamiliar.

4a. Math Introduction
800score includes "advanced" strategies designed for higher scorers that are based on discussions with tutors who cater to 700+ scoring students. The content in the prep guides is highly comprehensive and covers topics from standard deviation, to probability and combinations.

4b. Fundamentals (Basic Algebra and Basics Geometry)
These sections are designed for beginners and intermediate-level students. If you have already taken a GMAT course or read several books, you can simply skim through this material. The course notates any material that may be beyond what is covered in other GMAT prep materials.

4c. Word Problems & Strategy
This is a more advanced section dealing with: Functions & Symbols, Progressions & Sequences, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Interest, Discounts and Markups, Uniform motion, Work, Grouping and Counting, Data Interpretation, and Averages and Median. In other words, all of the main topics on the GMAT math section.

4d. Permutations, Combinations, Probability
Because the GMAT is not so much interested in your memorization of formulae, but more interested in your intuitive grasp of the abstract concepts. The concept behind this chapter is to make these abstract concepts highly intuitive. The result is that one of the most difficult areas in GMAT preparation becomes demystified and simple. This section is excellent for beginners and intermediates.

4e. Data Sufficiency & Strategy

The most interesting part of this is a discussion of common trick question types.

4f. Standard Deviation
Similar to the Permutations, Combinations and Probability chapter above, this is a chapter designed to make abstract concepts simple.

Review Conclusion has raised the bar by including this level of material and services at this price point. The 800score course is specifically designed so that any potential GMAT student can benefit from its comprehensive material. If you find any problems or errors, please email and they will credit your sale.

Interview with Sean Selinger, founder of 800score.

Who develops 800score material?

We hire college professors or highly experienced tutors. Tutors with several years experience and who have taken the test are the best. Many of our main developers have scored above a 770 on the GMAT. We are constantly improving our material and adding questions.