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    Reading Comprehension
  I: Introduction  
  II: The Challenge  
  III: The Five Steps  
  IV: Question Types  
       Macro Questions  
           1. Main Idea  
           2. Purpose of the Passage  
           3. Tone  
           4. Passage Organization  
           5. Category of Writing  
           6. Identity of the Author  
       Micro Questions  
           7. Detail of the Passage  
           8. Definition of a Term  
           9. Support for a Premise  
           10. Function of Passage Part  
           11. Inference  
  V: Tips  
  VI: Sample Essays  
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IV: Question Types: Micro Questions
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800score guidelines for answering micro questions:

1) Find the section of the passage that is relevant to the question (often, this will be highlighted for you).

2) Use information in the relevant section to select the correct answer choice.

How to find the relevant section of the passage:
The GMAT writers will often help you out by highlighting the relevant text. When no text is highlighted, micro questions will contain words that help you find the relevant section of the passage.

Watch for Synonyms
Usually in micro questions, the correct answer choice will contain a paraphrase, not the exact words from the supporting text in the passage. Consider the following passage (excerpt):

...My parakeets, Herman, Herman II, and Herman III, were an important part of my childhood. Their deaths taught me that life was fragile — and precious...

Question: What did the author's parakeets teach him about life?

The correct answer will likely NOT be worded: "They taught him that life was fragile—and precious." Rather, the answer will rephrase the supporting text, such as: "They showed the author that life was delicate and something to be valued highly." The correct answer choice should rephrase the relevant part of the passage.



800score Tip:
If you see an answer choice that uses the same wording as the supporting text, check it carefully. It could be a decoy. An answer choice can repeat the passage verbatim and still be incorrect. Often the words will be rearranged or used in a different context. In fact, especially for medium and high scorers, an answer choice with the exact wording as the passage should be cause for suspicion.



6. Identity of the Author

7. Detail of the Passage