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    Reading Comprehension
  I: Introduction  
  II: The Challenge  
  III: The Five Steps  
  IV: Question Types  
       Macro Questions  
           1. Main Idea  
           2. Purpose of the Passage  
           3. Tone  
           4. Passage Organization  
           5. Category of Writing  
           6. Identity of the Author  
       Micro Questions  
           7. Detail of the Passage  
           8. Definition of a Term  
           9. Support for a Premise  
           10. Function of Passage Part  
           11. Inference  
  V: Tips  
  VI: Sample Essays  
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IV-7: Question Types: Micro Questions- Detail of the Passage
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How to identify detail questions: Basically, the question will use fancy language to ask “What does the author say?”

Which of the following is mentioned in the passage?

Which of the following is stated by the author?

What does the author say about...?

How to tackle it: Learn the skill of paraphrasing. You’ll have to refer to the passage and find the answer that says the same thing in different words. These questions only ask for you to find information that is contained within the passage. All you need to do is match what you read with an answer choice of similar meaning.

Let’s try an example:

The avian wildlife of the Neru valley has attracted little scientific attention.

Possible “in other words” phrasings could be:

No one has studied the birds of the Neru valley.

Interest in studying birds of the Neru valley is low.

Cut through the wordiness of the passage and translate the details into simple language. This will help you match the passage’s wording to an answer choice.

Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

Video Courtesy of Kaplan

Micro Questions

8. Definition of a Term