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    Reading Comprehension
  I: Introduction  
  II: The Challenge  
  III: The Five Steps  
  IV: Question Types  
       Macro Questions  
           1. Main Idea  
           2. Purpose of the Passage  
           3. Tone  
           4. Passage Organization  
           5. Category of Writing  
           6. Identity of the Author  
       Micro Questions  
           7. Detail of the Passage  
           8. Definition of a Term  
           9. Support for a Premise  
           10. Function of Passage Part  
           11. Inference  
  V: Tips  
  VI: Sample Essays  
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IV-9: Question Types: Micro Questions- Support for a Premise
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Suppose the author makes an assertion, such as “Small dogs make great pets.” Does the author back it with any evidence? A question may ask you to determine how a premise is defended. Common forms of evidence include:

Examples — Maybe the author recounts his memories of the devoted poodle he had as a kid.

— Perhaps the author surveys dog owners and finds that owners of small dogs are more satisfied with their pets.

Logical Argument — The author presents logical reasons that small dogs would, necessarily, be great pets. They’re cute, they don’t eat a lot, their bark isn’t too loud, etc.

How to identify Support for a Premise questions: Look for questions that ask about evidence.

How does the author support his point that...?

Which of the following does the author offer in support of his premise that...?

The passage provides support for all the following statements EXCEPT:

How to tackle them:
Look for real evidence, examples or logical arguments that reinforce the author’s point.

Strengthen Questions

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8. Definition of a Term

10. Function of Passage Part