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800score Contributors & Tutors

Sean Selinger is the founder of 800score and a former Wall Street technology stock analyst. He attended Cornell University as a Cornell National Scholar and got perfect scores on the SAT and GMAT quantitative sections.

Crowan Robers
Scored a 790 on the GMAT and runs a tutoring company in San Francisco. Crowan is a verbal specialist and got a perfect score on the GMAT verbal section.


Ian Simpson runs the tutoring company Integrated Learning and has taught hundreds of GMAT students. He is a UCLA graduate with a perfect 800 score on the GRE Math section and a 770 on the GMAT.


Rebecca Pronsky (Brown U. BA) Professional test tutor in New York City specializing in Verbal and essay prep. Rebecca grades 800score essays and helps with development.


Ajeet Khurana is About.com's GMAT expert and has published books on preparing for the GMAT through McGraw Hill.


Stergious Alexandros (Yale U. MIT PhD.) 800 GMAT.
800 Math GRE. tutor in New York City.


Seth Hurwitz (Yale U. BA / NYU MA -Finance) 780 GMAT. GMAT tutor in New York City.

Heather Johnston is a mathematics professor at Vassar College. She attended Princeton University at age 14 and has a mathematics degree from MIT. She got a perfect score on the GMAT Quantitative section.
Josh Rolnick (Brown University BA / Oxford University.) 99th percentile on the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT and 3 years experience as a test prep tutor.
Margaret Hellerstein (Brown U, BA / Yale Law)
Whitney Seibel (Yale U. BA) 800 SAT, 750 GMAT
Andrew Pressman (Cooper Union, BA) 800 SAT
Thomas Flaherty (Harvard U. BA)
Mary Leytes (Yale U. BA)

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