Newark GRE Classes

Kaplan offers one of the most effective GRE prep courses with a strong focus on practice. GRE students get fully prepared with guided study plans and thousands of practice items. Kaplan offers Newark, DE GRE prep courses right off the UDel campus.

Offering GRE help to Newark students for over 40 years
Comprehensive instruction with teachers who mastered the GRE (scored in the 99th percentile)
Can’t make it to class that day? Free make-up sessions are available both live classroom and on-demand.
Higher score guaranteed – personalized to your needs

GRE Prep On Demand

Kaplan (site sponsor) offers a low-cost option that includes videos and content with no personal instruction.

Starting at $449

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Kaplan GRE Advantage Online Courses

GRE course taught by an experienced Kaplan GRE instructor in a virtual classroom.

Kaplan GRE Advantage Online Courses

05/18 - 06/10  Tue, Thu
05/18 - 06/29  Tue
05/20 - 07/01  Thu
05/24 - 07/12  Mon
05/24 - 06/21  Mon, Wed
05/26 - 07/14  Wed
05/26 - 06/21  Mon, Wed
05/26 - 07/14  Wed

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Newark GRE Prep Classes

Take a GRE classroom course in Newark, DE.

Zoom classes. Live classes on hold due to Covid.

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Newark GRE Tutor

Find a GRE Tutor either in Newark or online.

Tutoring – 15 Hours $2,599
Tutoring – 25 Hours $3,699
Tutoring – 35 Hours $4,799

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Gre Test Locations In Newark

GRE Test Center LocationTest Center AddressTest Date
University of DelawareAcademy St. Alison Hall - Room 223 Newark, Delaware 19716Year Round Testing