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The 800score Prep Guide is designed so that you can skim familiar material and focus on more important material. You can be finished in five hours for a quick refresh, or you can spend up to 30 hours if you want to cover every page and do hundreds of practice questions.

Learn the Basics

800score includes over 400 pages of basic and advanced information on reading comprehension, math, grammar and critical reasoning. All content is easily browsable and sortable with different skill levels to match your ability level.

Follow along with over 100 instructional videos

800score Instructor Dr. Stergious Alexandris, Yale BA, MIT PhD in Math, GRE: 800 (51 Quant, 48 Verbal).

Use graphics, videos and visuals.

800score is unique with its heavy use of cartoons, animation and graphics to help teach complex concepts.

Grammar is about the structure of sentences. 800score uses structural graphics to teach you how sentences work and make grammar interesting.

The 800score Reading Comprehension 5-Step Method uses graphic representations to solidify concepts.

1. Classify the Passage
Is the passage persuasive or descriptive? Is it about science or humanities?

2. Analyze paragraphs
Look for main idea, tone and transitions.

3. Identify Organization
Make a mental road map of the essay and/or draw out a map structure.

4. Find the Big Idea
Look for unusual language that makes an important point.
Pay special attention to the first and last paragraphs.

5. Determine the author’s purpose
Look for intention in the essay.

Identify Trick Questions

Solve hundreds of sample questions to directly reinforce our techniques for beating the GRE’s most challenging questions. All questions feature in-depth explanations so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Get Strategized

Learn dozens of test-taking strategies sorted online for easy use and browsing. The course includes specific strategies for non-native English speakers and students aiming for a 600+ score. 800score is a GRE strategy contributor to BusinessWeek.

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