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   GRE Sample Test: Interpreting Your Scores

Reviewing your results

If you pressed "Saved Test" at the end of your last test, you may review your test on the opening page of our sample GRE by pressing "Review Prior Test"

Interpreting your scores

  1. Quantitative scaled subscore, ranging from 130 to 170 (these are math questions).
  2. Verbal scaled subscore, ranging from 130 to 170 (tests reading comprehension, antonyms and sentence completion).

How much weight should I give my initial test?

You will need to invest at least 15 hours and take several GREs before you can get a good feel of what your score will be. 800score.com offers five practice tests and prep materials to help you master the three sections of the GRE.

Start Your Preparation Today

You have just taken a sample Verbal section of our first GRE test. We offer 5 complete tests (each a Math and Verbal pair with Analytical Essay Questions). All 800score.com material is available for immediate download.

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5 GRE CAT Practice Tests ($17.95)  gmat

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(Recommended) Complete Prep Course ($25.95)   gmat
5 GRE CAT Practice Tests
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