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    Reading Comprehension
  I: Introduction
  II: The Challenge
III: The Five Steps  
  IV. 11 Question Types
Macro Questions
spacer1: Main Idea
spacer2: Purpose of the Passage
spacer3: Tone
spacer4: Passage Organization
spacer5: Category of Writing
6: Identity of the Author
Micro Questions
spacer7: Detail of the Passage
spacer8: Definition of a Term
spacer9: Support for a Premise
spacer10: Function of Passage Part
11: Inference
  V: Tips
  VI: Sample Questions

Section 4: Type 6 - Identity of the Author (Advanced)

This question type asks you to identify the type of person who wrote the passage. Remember to be consistent. A passage written to describe the mating habits of the whale will probably not have been written by a senator.

How to identify it:
Look for the question to ask about the author.

Who is the most likely author of the passage?

Who of the following might have written the passage?

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 Micro Questions: Detail of the passage