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    Reading Comprehension
  I: Introduction
  II: The Challenge
III: The Five Steps  
  IV. 11 Question Types
Macro Questions
spacer1: Main Idea
spacer2: Purpose of the Passage
spacer3: Tone
spacer4: Passage Organization
spacer5: Category of Writing
spacer6: Identity of the Author
Micro Questions
spacer7: Detail of the Passage
spacer8: Definition of a Term
spacer9: Support for a Premise
spacer10: Function of Passage Part
11: Inference
  V: Tips
  VI: Sample Questions

Section 4: Type 9 - Support for a Premise

Say the author makes an assertion, such as “Small dogs make great pets”. Does the author back it with any evidence? A question may ask you to figure out how a premise is defended. Common forms of evidence include:

Examples—Maybe the author recounts the devoted poodle he had as a kid.

—Perhaps the author surveys dog owners and finds that owners of small dogs are more satisfied with their pets.

Logical Argument—the author presents logical reasons that small dogs would, necessarily, be great pets. They’re cute,

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 Micro Questions: Function of a part of the passage