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  GMAT Online Prep Guide: Table of Contents Summary

If you find any errors in the prep guide, please email email us.

NOTE: This is a sample version of our prep course and contains less than 20% of the full content of the course. All pages are cropped with only the first few paragraphs showing when some pages are 15 pages long. To access the full course, purchase the 800score Course with 5 GMAT CAT exams.

Chapter 1: GMAT Introduction (Free) Details 6 pgs Beginner

Chapter 1a: GMAT AWA Essay Guide Details 56 pgs All levels

Chapter 2: Reading Comprehension
Details 94 pgs All levels
Chapter 3: GMAT Critical Reasoning Details 40 pgs All levels
Chapter 4: Sentence Correction Details 90 pgs All levels

Chapter 5: Intro to GMAT Math Details 10 pgs All levels
Chapter 5a: Math Fundamentals Details 37 pgs Beginner
Chapter 6: Basics: Algebra Details 20 pgs Beginner/Intermediate
Chapter 6a: Basics: Geometry Details 26 pgs Beginner/Intermediate
Chapter 7: Word Problems & Strategy Details 49 pgs All levels
Chapter 7a: Permutations & Probability Details 36 pgs Intermediate/Advanced
Chapter 8: Data Sufficiency & Strategy Details 15 pgs Intermediate/Advanced
Chapter 9: GMAT Standard Deviation Details 7 pgs Advanced

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  GMAT Online Prep Guide: Table of Contents

Chapter 1: GMAT Introduction
1a. What is the GMAT and what does it test?
1b. GMAT scoring and business schools
1c. How the new GMAT CAT works
1d. Pacing strategies for the CAT
1e. More strategies for the CAT

  GMAT Essay Guide for Analytical Writing Assessment

AWA Guide 1. Introduction
2. Analysis of Issue
3. Analysis of Argument
4. About the E-rater
5. Improving Your Writing
6. Getting the Real Essay Questions
7. Take Practice Timed Essays

  GMAT Verbal Prep Guide

Chapter 2:

GMAT Reading Comprehension

I: Introduction
II: The Challenge
III: The Five Steps
IV: Question Types
V: Tips
VI: Sample Questions
1. Cell Proteins
2. Black Poetry in the 1960's
3. Native American Self-Image
4. Acclimatization
5. Mermen Sightings
6. Ancient Greece
7. European Retail Market
8. Art Concepts and Definitions

Short Passages
1. Tammany Hall
2. Women in Pop Music
3. Abiogenesis
4. Turbulent Flow
5. Unemployment

Chapter 3: GMAT Critical Reasoning
I. Six Principles for Critical Reasoning Questions 
A. Learn how to identify arguments
B. Types of arguments
C. Putting it into your own words
D. Evaluate an argument
E. Evaluate an argument's strength and validity
F. Get an idea of the right answer

II. Typical Critical Reasoning Question Types
A. Must be true questions
B. Assumption questions
C. Strengthen and weaken questions
D. Main point questions
E. Paradox questions
F. Extra questions

Chapter 4: Sentence Correction
I: Introduction
II: Sentence Correction Tips
III: Glossary

IV: Three-Step Method

V: Seven Error Types
1. Subject-Verb Agreement
2. Modifiers
3. Parallelism
4. Pronoun Agreement
5. Verb Time Sequences
6. Comparisons
7. Idioms
IV: Sample Questions

  GMAT Quantitative Prep Guide

Chapter 5:
Math Intro

I. Intro to GMAT Math
II. General Math Strategies
A. Plow
B. Don't Do That Math!
C. Backsolving
D. Plug-In
E. Ballpark Strategy
F. Experiments
G. Find Patterns
III. 5-Step Method For Math

Chapter 5a:

I. Number Rules 
C.Positive/Negative Rules
D.Powers/Roots Intro
E.Odd/Even Rules

II. Consecutive Numbers

III. Divisibility
A. Divisibility
B. Factors (Divisors)
C. Prime Numbers
D. Tons of Multiples
F. Odd/Even Rules

IV. Fractions

A. Fractions
B. Equivalent Fractions
C. Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
D. Adding and Subtracting Fractions

V. Decimals
A. Decimals
B. Adding and Subtracting Decimals
C. Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
D. Statistics
E.  Averages and Medians


VII. Roots / Radicals

Chapter 6: GMAT Basics: Algebra
I. Simple Equations (Fundamentals)
A. Fundamental Definitions
B. Single-Variable Equations

C. Solving Two Variables
More than Two Variables

E. Solving for Expressions
F. Equation Trick Questions

II. Complex Expressions with Exponents
A. Exponents and Multiple Answers
B. Simplifying Bases
C. The Products of Monomials and/or Polynomials
D. Quadratic Equations: Multiplying Binomials
E. Factoring Algebraic Equations

III. Manipulating Complex Expressions
A. Division of Algebraic Expressions
B. Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions
C. Addition of Algebraic Fractions

IV. Inequalities

Chapter 6b: GMAT Basics: Geometry
A. Angles and Lines
B. Intersecting Angles
C. Triangles
D. Circles
E. Perimeters & Areas
F. Solids
G. Coordinate Geometry.

Chapter 7:

GMAT Word Problems & Strategy
A. Word Problem Strategies
B. 5-Step Method
C. Functions & Symbols
D. Progressions & Sequences
E. Percentages
F. Ratio and Proportion
G. Interest, Discounts and Markups
H. Uniform motion
I. Work
J. Grouping and Counting
K. Data Interpretation
L. Averages and Median

Chapter 7b: GMAT Permutations
A. Introduction to Permutations
B. Permutation Variations

GMAT Combinations
A. Example of Combinations
B. Permutation or Combinations?
C. Problem Variations

GMAT Probability
A. Simple Probability
B. Probability of Multiple Events
C. Independent and Dependent Events
D. Working Backwards
E. A Different Method
F. Extra Questions

Chapter 8: GMAT Data Sufficiency & Strategy
A. Introduction
B. Data sufficiency trick questions
C. More practice questions

Chapter 9: GMAT Standard Deviation

Sample GMAT Questions