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Kaplan is the leader in MCAT prep courses. More people get in to college with a Kaplan MCAT course than with any other major courses.

  • Proven track record: Kaplan is the only national program with more than 20 years of expertise researching and teaching the MCAT.
  • Personalized learning: Kaplan offers an extensive suite of courses and pioneering technology that gives you customized recommendations based on your needs.
  • Higher score guaranteed, or your money back: Kaplan has the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.
  • Top-rated teachers: Every Kaplan teacher has mastered the MCAT. More than 9 out of 10 Kaplan students rate their teachers highly. Only one in ten candidates make the cut to teach.

MCAT Prep OnDemand

This low-cost option includes videos and content with no personal instruction.

Starting at $749

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Kaplan MCAT Advantage Online Courses

MCAT course taught by an experienced Kaplan MCAT instructor in a virtual classroom.

Kaplan MCAT Advantage Online Courses

12/08 - 02/01  Sat, Sun
12/09 - 01/02  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
12/11 - 02/02  Wed, Sun
12/12 - 03/12  Thu
12/15 - 03/15  Sun
12/16 - 02/10  Mon, Wed
12/23 - 01/16  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
12/26 - 02/06  Tue, Thu

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Champaign MCAT Prep Classes

Take a MCAT classroom course in Champaign, IL.

Illini Union: 1401 West Green Street , Urbana , IL 61801  -  more info
01/19 - 04/19 Sun
01/21 - 03/12 Tue, Thu
01/26 - 05/03 Sun
02/04 - 03/12 Tue, Thu

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Champaign MCAT Tutor

Find a MCAT Tutor either in Champaign or online.

Tutoring – 15 Hours $2,599
Tutoring – 25 Hours $3,699
Tutoring – 35 Hours $4,799

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Kaplan has a test center located in Champaign.

  • University of Illinois College of Medicine has an average MCAT score of 512.
  • The admissions rate is 3.76%, making it a competitive school.
  • The average GPA is 3.73.
  • The admissions deadline is November 1.