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   The Advantage

Buy or rent the Test Pacer Watch.
Try to order your pacer as early in your preparation process as possible. Please verify digital watches are permitted at your local test center if you plan on using it on test day.

Rent the Test Pacer
Test Pacer Rental ($99.95) gmat
  • Rent the pacer for 3 months.*
  • Includes 2 to 4 day business day delivery via FedEx.
  • Free return postage included (just put it in a mailbox after test day).

Buy the Test Pacer
Test Pacer Purchase ($199.95) gmat
  • Includes 2 to 4 day business day delivery via FedEx.
International (Non USA) Pacer Purchase ($224.95) gmat
  • Includes 4 to 7 business day delivery via FedExto countries outside the U.S.A.

*$24.95 for extended use each additional month after three with the option to buy.