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    Reading Comprehension
  I: Introduction
II: The Challenge
  III: The Five Steps  
  IV: Question Types
  V: Tips
  VI: Sample Questions



The Challenge

Think of the reading comprehension section as if it were a reality TV show where you are dropped in the middle of a jungle with no clues about where you are or how to proceed. On the GMAT, a reading passage will be dropped in front of you and you will have no background on it whatsoever.

Imagine encountering an essay where:

1. You don't know what the title is.
2. You don't know who the author is.
3. You don't know when or where it was published.
4. You can't see the paragraphs before or after the essay.
5. You don't have enough time to fully read it.
6. The content is dense, boring, academic, smeared with jargon, and covers a topic you have little knowledge.

….And your mastery of those 150 to 300 words will determine your future business school and career.

You're going to need a compass.


Reading for a Purpose

The passages are often going to be purposefully jargon-intensive, distraction-filled and dense. In college you were taught to read and memorize for detail, but on the GMAT you would get too bogged down and run out of time.. So you have to re-learn how to read to beat the GMAT.

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The Five Steps