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Northern Arizona University,Flagstaff has an average SAT score of 1030-1230.
The admissions rate is 80.8%, making it a somewhat competitive Colleges.
The average GPA is 3.49.
The admissions deadline is rolling.

Arizona State University, ​Tempe has an average SAT score of 1120-1350 .
The admissions rate is 53.3%, making it a somewhat competitive Colleges.
The average GPA is 3.49.
The admissions deadline is rolling.

College in Arizona

CollegeNat. RankAvg. SATAccept. %Avg. GPA
Arizona State University, ​Tempe#117 in National Universities1120-135053.3%3.49
University of Arizona ,Tucson#117 in National Universities1100-134083.6%3.38
Northern Arizona University,Flagstaff#293-#381 in National Universities1030-123080.8%3.52

Rank according to U.S. News and World Report.