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University of Alabama has an average SAT score of 1177.
Average GPA is 3.66
The admissions deadline is December 15th.
The admissions rate is 53.3%, making it a somewhat competitive Colleges.

University of Alabama—Huntsville Average SAT is 1270.
Average GPA is 3.72.
The admissions deadline is Aug 17th.
The admissions rate is 76.3%, making it a somewhat competitive Colleges.

Undergraduate Schools in Alabama

CollegeNat. RankAvg. SATAccept. %Avg. GPA
University of Alabama (Manderson)#153117753.3%3.66
University of South Alabama#293 to #381110581.4%3.46
University of Alabama at Huntsville#263127076.3%3.72
University of Alabama at Birmingham#166 in National Universities121091.8%3.66

Rank according to U.S. News and World Report.