You’ll receive three scores for the GRE CAT:
Quantitative scaled subscore, ranging from 130 to 170 (these are math questions).
Verbal scaled subscore, ranging from 130 to 170 (tests reading comprehension, antonyms and sentence completion).
Writing Assessment scaled subscore 0 to 6 (essays on analysis of issue and argument).

Different Uses for the GRE

The importance of your GRE scores varies from graduate school to graduate school and from field to field. State schools will often have minimum GRE score requirements. More competitive programs will often put more value on the GRE score. Certain technical majors, such as Engineering, also tend to put more value on the GRE.

Highest GRE Scores?
California Institute of Technology average GRE Math: 99.7 percentile

International Students

International students who have studied at non-U.S. schools and are applying to a U.S. graduate school should put more emphasis on the GRE because graduate school admissions officers need an objective way to compare students from different backgrounds. In addition, graduate schools may need to assess the student’s verbal skills if he or she is a non-native English speaker.

Increased Competition from the Economic Crisis

For 2012-2013, graduate schools will see a huge increase in appications from students who want to ride out the economic turmoil. Many laid off workers or those who can’t find jobs are turning to graduate school. Students should be aware that higher than normal GRE’s and GPA’s will be required for 2011-2012

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