abacusframe with balls used for calculating
abateto lessen, subside
abdicationformal relinquishing of power or authority; resignation
aberrationstraying away from what is natural or normal; deviation
abetto help, encourage someone in wrongdoing
abeyancesuspended action; temporary inactivity
abhorto hate, detest
abideto be faithful; to endure
abjureto promise or swear to give up
abradedrubbed off, worn away by friction
abrogateto repeal or annul by authority
abscondto go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
abstrusedifficult to comprehend; obscure
abutto border on
abysmalbottomless; profoundly, extremely bad
acarpouseffete; worn out; sterile; no longer fertile
acclaimedwelcomed with shouts and approval
accoladepraise, approval
accretionthe growing of separate things into one; an addition
adamantkind of stone; inflexible
admonitorycontaining a warning; tending to admonish
adornadd beauty to; decorate
adulterationmaking impure or poorer in quality
affablepolite and friendly
affinitya natural liking for something; an inherent similarity
aggravateto make worse; to irritate
agileactive, quick-moving, well-coordinated
ailto cause pain or trouble to; to be ill
alacrityeager and cheerful readiness
alcoverecessed part of a room; partially enclosed space
allegianceduty, support, loyalty
alleviateto make (pain) easier to bear
alloyto debase by mixing with something inferior; a mixture of two or more metals
aloofreserved, seemingly indifferent
amalgamatemix, combine, unite
ambidextrousable to use the left hand and the right equally well
ambiguousdoubtful, uncertain; having several possible meanings or explanations
ambivalenthaving both of two contrary desires; uncertain; unable to make a decision
ameliorateto improve, make better
amortizeto end (a debt) by making periodic payments
anguishsevere suffering
animositystrong dislike
antidotemedicine used against a poison or a disease
antitheticaldirectly opposed; opposite
apartheidbrutal racial discrimination
apostateone who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
apotheosisdeification, glorification of a person to the rank of a God; the highest point of something
appeaseto make quiet or calm; to soothe, pacify
apprehensiveanxious or nervous about future happenings; perceptive
appriseto give notice; to inform
aproposappropriate to the situation, apt, pertinent
aptwell-suited;appropriate; able to learn quickly
arabesquea complex, ornate design; a ballet pose; a short musical piece
arborealof or having to do with trees
ardorenthusiasm; passion; great warmth
arduousrequiring much exertion; laborious; difficult to climb
argotjargon slang