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abacusframe with balls used for calculating
abateto lessen, subside
abdicationformal relinquishing of power or authority; resignation
aberrationstraying away from what is natural or normal; deviation
abetto help, encourage someone in wrongdoing
abeyancesuspended action; temporary inactivity
abhorto hate, detest
abideto be faithful; to endure
abjureto promise or swear to give up
abradedrubbed off, worn away by friction
abrogateto repeal or annul by authority
abscondto go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
abstrusedifficult to comprehend; obscure
abutto border on
abysmalbottomless; profoundly, extremely bad
acarpouseffete; worn out; sterile; no longer fertile
acclaimedwelcomed with shouts and approval
accoladepraise, approval
accretionthe growing of separate things into one; an addition
adamantkind of stone; inflexible
admonitorycontaining a warning; tending to admonish
adornadd beauty to; decorate
adulterationmaking impure or poorer in quality
affablepolite and friendly
affinitya natural liking for something; an inherent similarity
aggravateto make worse; to irritate
agileactive, quick-moving, well-coordinated
ailto cause pain or trouble to; to be ill
alacrityeager and cheerful readiness
alcoverecessed part of a room; partially enclosed space
allegianceduty, support, loyalty
alleviateto make (pain) easier to bear
alloyto debase by mixing with something inferior; a mixture of two or more metals
aloofreserved, seemingly indifferent
amalgamatemix, combine, unite
ambidextrousable to use the left hand and the right equally well
ambiguousdoubtful, uncertain; having several possible meanings or explanations
ambivalenthaving both of two contrary desires; uncertain; unable to make a decision
ameliorateto improve, make better
amortizeto end (a debt) by making periodic payments
anguishsevere suffering
animositystrong dislike
antidotemedicine used against a poison or a disease
antitheticaldirectly opposed; opposite
apartheidbrutal racial discrimination
apostateone who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
apotheosisdeification, glorification of a person to the rank of a God; the highest point of something
appeaseto make quiet or calm; to soothe, pacify
apprehensiveanxious or nervous about future happenings; perceptive
appriseto give notice; to inform
aproposappropriate to the situation, apt, pertinent
aptwell-suited;appropriate; able to learn quickly
arabesquea complex, ornate design; a ballet pose; a short musical piece
arborealof or having to do with trees
ardorenthusiasm; passion; great warmth
arduousrequiring much exertion; laborious; difficult to climb
argotjargon slang
arroganceproud superior manner of behaviour 
articulatespeak distinctly connect by joints 
ascendgo or come up 
ascertainget to know 
asceticpracticing self-denial austere stark 
ascribeconsider to be the origin of or belonging to 
asepticsurgically clean 
asperityroughness harshness ill temper irritability 
assailwith attack violently 
assiduousdiligent hard-working sedulous 
assuagemake smth (pain desire) less 
asteriskthe mark * (e.g.. omitted letters) 
astringentsubstance that shrinks 
astuteclever quick at seeing to get an advantage 
atonementrepayment death of Jesus 
attenuatemake thin. weaken enervate 
attunebring into harmony 
audaciousdaring foolishly bold impudent 
auguryomen sign 
augustmajestic venerable 
auspiciousfavorable successful prosperous 
austereseverely moral and strict simple and plain 
auxiliaryhelping supporting 
averaffirm assert prove justify 
aversionstrong dislike 
avideager greedy 
avowadmit. Declare openly 
balefulharmful ominous causing evil 
balkobstacle purposely to get on the way of 
banefulcausing harm or ruin pernicious destructive 
barrageartificial obstacle built across a river 
barrennot good enough unable to have young ones without value 
baskin enjoy warmth and light 
beatifyto bless make happy or ascribe a virtue to 
bedizento adorn especially in a cheap showy manner 
belaborbeat hard 
bellicosebelligerent pugnacious warlike 
belligerent(person nation) waging war 
benefactorperson who has given help 
benevolencewish or activity in doing good 
benignkind and gentle mild (climate) 
bequestarrangement to give smth at death 
beratescold sharply 
bereftrob or dispossess of smth (material) 
bewilderpuzzle confuse 
bigotstubborn narrow-minded person 
bilgebulge the protuberance of a cask 
blandishmentflattery coaxing 
blandnesspolite manner comforting uninteresting 
blatantnoisy and rough 
blithecheerful casual carefree 
bogussham counterfeit not genuine 
boisterousloud noisy rough lacking restraint 
bolstergive greatly needed support 
boorishcrude offensive rude 
brashhasty rush cheeky saucy 
brassyellow metal (mixing copper and zinc) 
brazenmade of brass 
breachopening broken place breaking 
brittleeasily broken 
broachbring up announce begin to talk about 
brookto tolerate endure 
buoyantable to float light-hearted 
burgeongrow forth send out buds 
burnishto polish rub to a shine 
cabala scheme or plot a group of plotters 
cadgeto beg to get by begging 
cajoleuse flattery or deceit to persuade 
calipersmetal supports attached to the legs measuring instrument 
calumnyslander aspersion 
candidfrank straight-forward 
cantinsincere talk/jargon 
canvassdiscuss thoroughly sort of touting 
castigateto chastise correct by punishing 
castigationsevere punishment 
catalystsubstance that causes speeding up 
causticbiting sarcastic 
censureexpression of blame or disapproval a rebuke 
centurionleader of a unit of 100 soldiers 
charycautious wary 
chastenedcorrected punished 
chauvinista blindly devoted patriot 
chicanerylegal trickery/false argument 
chiselsteel tool for shaping materials 
churlbad-tempered person 
clamorshout complain with a lot of noise 
clinchcome to grips/settle conclusively 
clingto resist separation 
clothalf-solid lump formed from liquid 
clotureclosing device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting 
coagulationchange to a thick and solid state 
coalescingcoming together and uniting into one substance 
coaxget smb to do smth by kindness 
codapassage that completes a piece of music 
coddletreat with care and tenderness 
coercecompel to force to make obedient 
coevalof the same period coexisting 
cogentstrong convincing 
cogitatethink deeply mediate 
cognizantbeing fully aware of 
colanderbowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water 
collusionsecret agreement for a deceitful purpose 
combustionprocess of burning 
commemoratekeep the memory of 
commodioushaving plenty of space for what is needed 
commuterperson who travels regularly 
complaisancetending to comply obliging willingness to please 
compunctionfeeling of regret for one’s action 
concealhide keep secret 
conceitover-high opinion of too much pride 
conciliatoryreconciling soothing comforting mollifying 
concordagreement or harmony 
concuragree in opinion happen together 
condenseincrease in density strength make laconic 
congealmake or become stiff and solid 
conjointo join together 
connoisseura person with good judgement (e.g.. in art) 
connotationsuggestion in addition to 
consequentialpompous self important 
consolegive comfort or sympathy to 
conspicuouseasily seen remarkable 
consternationsurprise and fear dismay 
constrictmake tight or smaller 
consumeget to the end of 
consummateperfect/make perfect/complete 
contemnto scorn or despise 
contentiousargumentative pugnacious combative quarrelsome 
contiguoustouching neighboring near 
contritefilled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing 
contumaciousinsubordinate rebellious 
conundruma riddle dilemma enigma 
convictionconvincing firm belief 
convokecall together summon 
convolutedcomplicated coiled twisted 
cordialwarm and sincere 
cordonline (of police acting as a guard) 
cornucopiaabundant supply 
corporealphysical of or for the body 
correlatehave a mutual relation 
corroborationadditional strengthening evidence 
countenanceto favor or approve of 
covetouseagerly desirous 
cowercrouch shrink back 
coyshy/modest (esp of a girl) 
crassvery great (es. stupidity) 
cravatpiece of linen worn as a necktie 
creaseline made by crushing white line on the ground in cricket 
credulitytoo great a readiness to believe things 
credulousready to believe things 
crushpress lose shape subdue overwhelm 
crypticsecret with a hidden meaning 
cumbersomeburdensome heavy and awkward to carry 
curmudgeonbad-tempered person 
curriculumcourse of study 
cursoryquick hurried 
curtailmake shorter then was planned 
daintypretty/delicate(food)/difficult to please 
dauntintimidate make fearful 
dawdlerperson who is slow waste of time 
debaclea breakup overthrow sudden disaster 
decorumpropriety properness 
decreeorder given by authority 
decrydisapprove of 
deferpostpone give way (to show respect) 
deferentialshowing respect 
defianceopen disobedience or resistance 
delineateto portray depict sketch out 
delugegreat flood heavy rush of water 
demagogueperson appealing not to reasons 
demurto hesitate raise objections 
denigrateblacken belittle sully defame 
denouementan outcome or solution the unraveling of a plot 
depleteuse until none remains 
depositiondethronement depositing 
depravemake morally bad corrupt 
deprecateprotest against express disapproval of 
derelictiondeserting and leaving to fall into ruins 
derisionridicule mockery deriding 
derivativeunoriginal obtained from another source 
derogatoryinsulting tending to damage 
descrycatch sight of see smth in the distance 
desiccantsubstance used to absorb moisture 
desuetudecessation of use disuse 
desultoryaimless haphazard digressing at random 
deterdiscourage hinder 
detractionslandering verbal attack aspersion 
detumescencediminishing or lessening of swelling 
deviancebeing different in moral standards (from normal) 
dexterityskill (esp. in handling) 
diaphanoustransparent gauzy 
diatribebitter and violent attack in words 
dilatespeak comprehensively become wider large 
disallowrefuse to allow or accept as a correct 
discernsee with an effort but clearly 
discomfitconfuse embarrass 
disconcertupset the self-possession of 
discountenancerefuse to approve of 
discoursespeech lecture 
discreditrefuse to believe 
discreteindividually distinct 
disdainlook on with contempt 
disencumberfree from encumbrance 
disingenuoussophisticated artful trying to deceive cunning 
disinterdig up from the earth 
dislodgemove force from the place occupied 
dismalsad gloomy miserable 
disparateessentially different 
disproofproof to the contrary 
dissemblespeak or behave so as to hide smth (in mind) 
disseminatedistribute (esp. ideas) 
dissenthave a different opinion refuse to assent 
dissolutiondisintegration looseness in morals 
distraughtdistracted violently upset in mind 
divergencegetting farther apart from a point 
divestituretaking off getting rid of giving up 
divulgemake known smth secret 
doggereltrivial poorly constructed verse 
dogmaticpositive certain arbitrary without room for discussion 
doltstupid fellow 
dormantin a state of inactivity but awaiting development 
doteshow much fondness center one’s attention 
drawlslow way of speaking 
dronemale bee person who isn’t self-employed 
drowsinessfeeling sleepy half asleep 
dubiousfeeling doubt 
dudno use person smth that fails 
dulcetmelodious harmonious 
dupecheat make a fool of 
duplicitydeliberate deception 
duressthreats to compel smb 
dwarfperson or smb much below the usual size 
dynamoa generator something that produces electric current 
earthenwaredishes made of baked clay 
ebullienceexuberance outburst of feeling 
ebullientoverflowing with enthusiasm showing excitement 
ecumenicalrepresenting the whole Christian world 
edaciousvoracious devouring 
eddycircular or spiral movement (e.g.. of wind) 
ediblefit to be eaten/not poisonous 
effeteinfertile worn out weak 
efficacyproduction of a desired result 
effluviaoutflow in a stream of particles a noxious odor or vapor 
effronteryboldness impudence arrogance 
egressway out exit 
elaborateworked out with much care in great detail 
elegya lament a melancholy composition 
elicitdraw out 
eloquencefluent speaking skillful use of language 
emaciatemake thin and weak 
embellishmake beautiful 
embezzleuse in a wrong way for one’s own benefit 
emotestir up excite 
empiricalrelying on experiment 
encapsulateenclose in capsule 
encomiumwarm or glowing praise eulogy panegyric 
encumbranceburden things that get on the way of 
endearingmaking dear or liked 
endorsewrite one’s name on the back of 
enervateweaken deprive of strength attenuate 
engendercause produce give rise to 
engraveimpress deeply 
engrossingtaken up all the time or attention writing in large or formal
engulfswallow up 
enigmasmth that is puzzling 
enmityhatred being an enemy 
entangleput into difficulties 
enthralplease greatly/enslave (fig) 
enticetempt or persuade 
entreatask earnestly 
enunciatepronounce (words)/express a theory 
epicureandevoted to pleasure (sensuous enjoyment) 
epitomebrief summary representative example a typical model 
equablesteady regular 
equanimitycalmness of temperament 
equilibriumstate of being balanced 
equipoiseequal distribution of weight equilibrium 
equivocalhaving a double or doubtful meaning suspicious 
equivocatetry to deceive by equivocal language 
eradicateget rid of pull up by the roots 
erraticirregular in behaviour or opinion 
eruditelearned scholarly 
esotericabstruse intended only for a small circle of 
espousemarry give one’s support to 
eulogyformal praise panegyric 
euphoriaelation state of pleasant excitement 
euthanasiaeasy and painless death 
evasivetending to evade 
evinceto show clearly to indicate 
evokecall up bring out 
excoriationsevere criticism 
exculpateto clear from a charge of guilt 
exhaustivecomplete thorough 
exigencyemergency an urgent situation 
exonerationset smb clear free (e.g.. from blame) 
exorbitantmuch too high or great 
expatiateto roam wander freely 
expedientlikely to be useful for a purpose 
expiationending expiring 
exploitbrilliant achievement develop use selfishly 
expostulateargue earnestly to dissuade correct or protest 
expurgateto remove obscenity purify censor 
exscindto cut out cut away 
extantstill in existence 
extemporewithout previous thought or preparation 
extenuatereduce the strength of lessen seriousness partially excuse 
extinctno longer active 
extinguishend the existence of/wipe or put out 
extirpateto destroy exterminate cut out exscind 
extolpraise highly 
extortobtain by threats violence 
extralegaloutside the law 
extricablethat can be freed 
extrovertcheerful person 
exuberancestate of growing vigorously being full of life 
facetioushumorous funny jocular 
facileeasily done 
fallaciousbased on error 
falterwaver/move in an uncertain manner 
fatuouswithout sense foolish self-satisfaction 
fawnyoung deer try to win smb’s favor 
fecklesslacking purpose or vitality ineffective careless 
felicitousapt suitably expressed well chosen apropos 
felonperson guilty of murder 
fermentsubstance become excited 
ferocitysavage cruelty 
ferretdiscover by searching search 
fervidshowing earnest feeling 
fervorwarmth of feelings earnestness 
fetterto shackle put in chains 
feudbitter quarrel over a long period of time 
fidelityloyalty accuracy 
fidgetmove restlessly make nervous 
figureheadcarved image on the prow of a ship 
finessedelicate way of dealing with a situation 
finicaltoo fussy about food clothing etc. 
fissionsplitting or division (esp. of cells) 
fixatestare at 
flakcriticism/anti-aircraft guns 
flamboyantbrightly colored florid 
flauntingshow off complacently 
flaxpale yellow (hair) a plant 
fledgedable to fly trained experienced 
fleetnumber of ships quick-moving 
flinchdraw move back wince 
flopfail/move/fall clumsily 
floridvery much ornamented naturally red (e.g.. of face) 
floutreject mock to go against (as in going against tradition) 
flukelucky stroke 
flustermake nervous or confused 
foibledefect of character (a person is wrongly proud) 
foilprevent from carrying out contrast 
fomentput smth warm (to lessen the pain) 
foolproofincapable of failure or error 
foppishlike a man who pays too much attention to his clothes 
foragefood for horses and cattle 
forbearrefrain from be patient ancestor 
forbearancepatience willingness to wait 
fordshallow place in a river (to cross) 
forestallprevent by taking action in advance preempt 
forfeitsuffer the loss of smth 
forgeworkshop for the shaping of metal to shape metal lead 
forswearrenounce disallow repudiate 
fosternurture care for 
fracasnoisy quarrel 
fragileeasily injured broken or destroyed 
franticwildly excited with joy pain anxiety 
freneticfrantic frenzied 
fretworry irritation wear away 
fringeedge ornamental border part of hair over the forehead 
frowardintractable not willing to yield or comply stubborn 
frugalcareful economical 
fulminationbitter protest 
fulsomedisgusting offensive due to excessiveness 
gainsayto deny to oppose
garblemake unfair selection from facts 
garmentarticle of clothing 
garnerto gather and save to store up 
garruloustoo talkative 
gaucheriesocially awkward tactless behavior 
germanerelevant pertinent to 
gistthe point general sense 
gleangather facts in small quantities 
glibready and smooth but not sincere 
glimmerweak/unsteady light 
gloatover look at with selfish delight 
glutsupply to much fill to excess 
gnawwaste away bite steadily 
goadsmth urging a person to action 
gorgeeat greedily/narrow opening with a stream 
gossamersoft light delicate material 
gougetool for cutting grooves in wood 
grandiloquentusing pompous words 
graveserious requiring consideration 
grazetouch or scrape lightly in passing 
gregariousliving in societies liking the company 
grievouscausing grief or pain serious dire grave 
grovelcrawl humble oneself 
guiledeceit cunning 
gullibleeasily gulled 
gushburst out suddenly/talk ardently 
gustoutburst of feeling sudden rain wind fire etc. 
hackcut roughly hired horse 
halcyoncalm and peaceful 
hallowto make holy consecrate 
haranguea long passionate speech 
harbingersmth or smb that foretells the coming of 
harrowto distress create stress or torment 
haughtyarrogant conceited 
heedattention/give notice to 
heinousodious (of crime) 
heresybelief contrary to what is generally accepted 
hermeticsealed by fusion 
heterogeneousmade up of different kinds 
hewmake by hard work cut (by striking) 
highbrow(person) with superior tastes 
hirsutehairy shaggy 
hoaxmischievous trick played on smb for a joke 
hoipolloi the masses the rabble 
hollownot soled with hole 
holsterleather case for a pistol 
homileticsact of preaching 
honestone used for sharpening tools 
hoodwinktrick mislead 
hospitableliking to give hospitality 
hubrisarrogant pride 
hushmake or become silent 
huskworthless outside part of anything 
hypocrisyfalsely making oneself appear to be good 
iconoclastperson who attacks popular beliefs 
idiosyncrasypersonal mannerism 
idolatryexcessive admiration of 
idylla carefree episode or experience 
ignobledishonorable common undignified 
ignominiousshameful dishonorable undignified disgraceful 
illicitunlawful forbidden 
imbrogliocomplicated and embarrassing situation 
immaculatepure faultless 
imminentlikely to come or happen soon 
immutablethat cannot be changed 
impairworsen diminish in value 
impassiveunmoved feeling no sign of passion 
impecunioushaving little or no money 
impedehinder get in the way of 
impedimentsmth that hinders (e.g. stammer) 
impendingimminent being about to happen expected 
imperativeurgent essential 
imperiouscommanding haughty arrogant 
impermeablethat cannot be permeated 
imperturbablecalm not capable of being excited 
imperviousnot allowing to pass through (of materials) 
imperviousnesshaughty arrogant commanding 
impetuoushaving sudden energy impulsive thrusting ahead forceful 
impietylack of reverence or dutifulness 
implacableincapable of being placated unpleasable 
implicateshow that smb has a share 
implicitimplied though not plainly expressed
implosioncollapse bursting inward 
importunebeg urgently solicit (of a prostitute) 
imprecationan invocation of evil a curse 
impromptuwithout preparation 
impudentrash indiscreet 
impugnedchallenged to be doubted 
imputeto attribute to a cause or source ascribe 
inadvertentnot paying proper attention 
inanesilly senseless 
inasmuchsince because 
incensemake angry 
incessantoften repeated continual 
inchoatenot yet fully formed rudimentary elementary 
inciseengrave make a cut in 
incitestir up rouse 
inclineddirecting the mind in a certain direction 
incongruousout of place not in harmony or agreement 
incorrigibilitycannot be cured or corrected 
incredulousskeptical unwilling to believe 
inculcatefix firmly by repetition 
incumbentsofficial duties 
incursiona raid a sudden attack 
indefatigabilitynot easily exhaustible tirelessness 
indeliblethat cannot be rubbed out 
indistinctnot easily heard seen clearly marked 
indomitablenot easily discouraged or subdued 
indulgegratify give way to satisfy allow oneself 
indulgentinclined to indulge 
ineffableto great to be described in words 
ineluctablecertain inevitable 
ineptunskillful said or done at the wrong time 
ineptitudequality of being unskillful 
infuriatefill with fury or rage 
infuseput pour fill 
ingenuousnaive young artless frank honest sincere 
ingesttake in by swallowing 
inimicalharmful or unfriendly 
inimitabledefying imitation unmatchable 
innocuouscausing no harm 
inscrutableincapable of being discovered or understood 
insensibleunconscious unresponsive unaffected 
insinuatesuggest unpleasantly make a way for smth gently
insipidwithout taste or flavor 
insouciantunconcerned carefree 
insularitynarrow-mindedness isolated 
insurrectionrising of people to open resistance to 
interdictprohibit forbid 
interimas an installment 
intersperseplace here and there 
intransigenceunwillingness to compromise stubbornness intractability 
intrepidfearless brave undaunted 
introspectionexamining one’s own thoughts and feelings 
inundateflood cover by overflowing 
inuredaccustomed to adapted 
invectiveabusive language curses 
inveighto attack verbally denounce deprecate 
inveteratedeep-rooted. long-established 
invincibletoo strong to be defeated 
irascibleirritable easily angered 
irresolutehesitating undecided 
irrevocablefinal and unalterable 
itinerateto travel from place to place to peregrinate 
jabbertalk excitedly utter rapidly 
jibegibe make fun of 
jocularmeant as a joke 
judicioussound in judgment wise 
knitdraw together unite firmly 
labyrinthineto entangle the state of affairs 
lachrymosecausing tears tearful 
lackluster(of eyes) dull 
lamentshow feel great sorrow 
lassitudeweariness tiredness 
latentpresent but not yet active developed or visible 
laudatoryexpressing or giving praise 
lavishgiving or producing freely liberally or generously 
legacysmth handed down from ancestors 
leveeformal reception/embankment 
levitylack of seriousness 
libelstatement that damages reputation 
liberalityfree giving generosity 
libertineimmoral person 
lienlegal claim until a debt on it is repaid 
limnpaint portray 
limplacking strength walking unevenly 
lionizetreat as a famous person 
lithebending twisting 
lollrest to sit or stand in a lazy way hang (dog’s tongue)
lopemove along with long strides 
loquacioustalkative garrulous 
lucubratewrite in scholarly fashion 
luculenteasily understood lucid clear 
lugubriousmournful excessively sad 
lullbecome quiet or less active 
lumbermove in a clumsy/noisy way 
luminarystar light-giving body 
lurkbe out of view ready to attack 
lustrousbeing bright polished 
macabregruesome suggesting death 
maceratemake or become soft by soaking in water 
machinationplot scheme (esp. evil) 
maladroittactless clumsy 
malapropismmisuse of a word (for one that resembles it) 
malevolencewishing to do evil 
maligninjurious speak ill of smb tell lie 
malingerto fake illness or injury in order to shirk a duty 
malleableyielding easily shaped moldable adapting 
manaclechains for the hands or feet 
massacrecruel killing of a large number of people 
matriculationbe admitted enter a university as a student 
maudlinsentimental in a silly or tearful way 
maulhurt by rough handling 
maverickrebel nonconformist 
mellifluoussweetly flowing 
mendicanta beggar 
mercurialquick changeable in character fleeting 
meretriciousattractive on the surface but of little value 
meticulousgiving great attention to details 
mettlequality of endurance or courage 
mettlesomecourageous high-spirited 
middlingfairly good but not very good 
minatorymenacing threatening 
mincepronounce or speak affectedly euphemize 
misanthropeperson who hates mankind 
mischievousharmful causing mischief 
miserperson who loves wealth and spends little 
misogynistone who hates women/females 
moderationquality of being limited not extreme 
mollifymake calmer or quieter 
moltmoult lose hair feathers before new growing 
morbiddiseased unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas) 
moroseill-tempered unsocial 
mufflercloth worn round the neck/silencer 
multifariousvaried motley greatly diversified 
mundaneworldly as opposed to spiritual commonplace everyday 
myriadvery great number 
nadirlowest weakest point 
nascentcoming into existence emerging 
nebulouscloud-like hazy vague indistinct 
negligenttaking too little care 
neophyteperson who has been converted to a belief 
nexusa connection tie or link 
nibbleshow some inclination to accept (an offer) 
noisomeoffensive disgusting (smell) 
nonchalantnot having interest 
nonplusedgreatly surprised 
nostruma quack remedy an untested cure 
obduratehardened and unrepenting stubborn inflexible 
obfuscateto darken make obscure muddle 
obliviousunaware having no memory 
obloquyabusively detractive language sharp criticism vituperation 
obsequioustoo eager to obey or serve 
obstreperousnoisy loud 
obtainto be established accepted or customary 
obtrusiveprojecting prominent undesirably noticeable 
obviateto make unnecessary get rid of 
occludedblocked up 
odiousrepulsive hateful 
odiumcontempt dislike aversion 
odorsmell favor reputation 
officioustoo eager or ready to help offer advice 
onerousneeding effort burdensome 
opaquenessdullness/not allowing light to pass through 
opprobriousshowing scorn or reproach 
ossifyto turn to bone to settle rigidly into an idea 
ostensibleseeming appearing as such professed 
ostentationdisplay to obtain admiration or envy 
ostracismshut out from society refuse to meet talk 
overhaulexamine thoroughly to learn about the condition 
overweeningpresumptuously arrogant overbearing immoderate being a jerk 
paeansong of praise or triumph 
palateroof of the mouth sense of taste 
palliatelessen the severity of 
palpabilitycan be felt touched understood 
palpitatetremble beat rapidly and irregularly 
panegyricformal praise eulogy 
paradigma model example or pattern 
parenthesissentence within another one smth separated 
pariahan outcast a rejected and despised person 
parsimonioustoo economical miserly 
partisanone-sided committed to a party biased or prejudiced 
patronregular customer person who gives support 
paucityscarcity a lacking of 
peccadillosmall sin small weakness in one’s character 
pedanticbookish showing off learning 
pedestriancommonplace trite unremarkable 
pellucidtransparent easy to understand 
penchantstrong inclination a liking 
penitentfeeling or showing regret 
penuryextreme poverty 
peregrinationtraveling about wandering 
peremptoryurgent imperative unchallengeable ending debate 
perfidioustreacherous faithless 
perfidytreachery breaking of faith 
perfunctorydone as a duty without care 
perishbe destroyed decay 
perjurywillful FALSE statement unlawful act 
permeatespread into every part of 
perniciousharmful injurious 
perpetratebe guilty commit (a crime) 
personablepleasing in appearance attractive 
perspicacityquick judging and understanding 
pertainbelong as a part have reference 
pestdestructive thing or a person who is nuisance 
petrifiedtaken away power (to think feel act) 
petrifyto make hard rocklike 
petrouslike a rock hard stony 
petulantunreasonably impatient 
philistinea smug ignorant person one who lacks knowledge 
phlegmaticcalm sluggish temperament unemotional 
picaresqueinvolving clever rogues or adventurers 
piedof mixed colors 
pinchbe too tight take between the thumb and finger 
pinewaste away through sorrow or illness 
piousdutiful to parents devoted to religion 
piquantagreeably pungent stimulating 
piquehurt the pride or self-respect stir (curiosity) 
pitfallcovered hole as a trap unsuspected danger 
pithessential part force soft liquid substance 
pivotalof great importance (others depend on it) 
placatesoothe pacify calm 
plaintivemournful melancholy sorrowful 
plaqueflat metal on a wall as a memorial 
platitudea trite or banal statement unoriginality 
pleadaddress a court of law as an advocate 
pliantpliable easily bent shaped or twisted 
plodcontinue doing smth without resting 
pluckpull the feathers off pick (e.g.. flowers) 
plumbget to the root of 
plummetfall plunge steeply 
plungemove quickly suddenly and with force 
poignantdeeply moving keen 
poncholarge piece of cloth 
ponderousheavy bulky dull 
portentomen marvelous threatening 
precariousuncertain risky dangerous 
preceptsrules establishing standards of conduct 
precludeprevent make impossible 
precursorypreliminary anticipating 
predilectionspecial liking mental preference 
predominatehave more power than others 
preentidy/show self-satisfaction 
prematuredoing or happening smth before the right time 
preponderancegreatness in number strength weight 
presagewarning sign 
preternaturalnot normal or usual 
prevaricateto equivocate to stray from the truth 
primneat formal 
pristineprimitive unspoiled pure as in earlier times unadulterated 
probityuprightness incorruptibility principle 
procrastinationkeeping on putting off 
prodigalwasteful reckless with money 
prodigiousenormous wonderful 
profaneworldly having contempt for God 
profligacyshameless immorality 
profligatewasteful prodigal licentious extravagant 
proliferategrow reproduce by rapid multification 
prolixtiring because too long 
proneprostrate inclined to (undesirable things) 
propagationincreasing the number spreading extending 
propinquitynearness in time or place affinity of nature 
propitiatoryconciliatory appeasing mitigating 
propitiousauspicious presenting favorable circumstances 
prosaiceveryday mundane commonplace trite pedestrian 
proscribedenounce as dangerous 
providentfrugal looking to the future 
provisionalof the present time only 
provokemake angry vax 
prudencecareful forethought 
prudisheasily shocked excessively modest 
prunedried plum silly person 
pryget smth inquire too curiously 
pugnaciousfond of in the habit of fighting 
punctiliousprecise paying attention to trivialities 
punditpedant authority on a subject 
pungencysharpness stinging quality 
purveyprovide supply 
pusillanimouscowardly craven 
putrefactionbecoming rotten 
pyrelarge pile of wood for burning 
quackperson dishonestly claiming to smth 
quaffdrink deeply 
quaillose courage turn frightened 
qualmfeeling of doubt temporary feeling of sickness 
quandarystate of doubt or perplexity 
quellsuppress subdue 
quibbletry to avoid by sophistication 
quiescencestate of being passive/motionless 
quiescentat rest dormant torpid 
quirkhabit or action peculiar to smb or smth 
quixoticgenerous unselfish 
quotidianbanal everyday 
rabblemob crowd the lower classes of populace 
raconteurperson who tells anecdotes 
raffishlow vulgar base tawdry 
ramifyto be divided or subdivided to branch out 
rancorousfeeling bitterness spitefulness 
rantuse extravagant language 
rapaciousgreedy (esp for money) 
rarefyto make thin to make less dense to purify or refine 
raveact with excessive enthusiasm 
reactionaryopposing progress 
recanttake back as being FALSE give up 
recastcast or fashion anew 
recidivismrelapse into antisocial or criminal behavior 
reciprocitygranting of privileges in return for similar 
recitalsa number of performance of music 
recluseperson who lives alone and avoids people 
recompensemake payment to reward punish 
reconcilesettle a quarrel restore peace 
reconditelittle known abstruse 
recreancycowardice a cowardly giving up 
recuperatebecome strong after illness loss exhaustion 
redeemget back by payment compensate 
redoubtableformidable causing fear 
refinemake or become pure cultural 
refractorystubborn unmanageable untractable 
refulgentshining brilliant 
regaleto delight or entertain to feast 
regicidecrime of killing a king
reiteratesay or do again several times 
rejuvenationbecoming young in nature or appearance 
relapsefall back again 
remonstrateto protest object 
renderdeliver provide represent 
renovaterestore smth to better condition 
renownedcelebrated famous 
repelrefuse to accept/cause dislike 
repineat be discontented with 
reproachscold upbraid 
reprobateperson hardened in sin one devoid of decency 
repudiatedisown refuse to accept or pay 
repulsivecausing a feeling of disgust 
requiterepay give in return 
resignedunresisting submissive 
resiliencequality of quickly recovering the original shape 
resortto frequently visit 
restiverefusing to move reluctant to be controlled 
resuscitationcoming back to consciousness 
retardcheck hinder 
reticentreserved untalkative silent taciturn 
reverehave deep respect for 
reverentfeeling or showing deep respect 
riddlepuzzling person or thing 
riftsplit crack dissension 
rivetfix take up secure metal pin 
rollcall calling of names 
rotundrich and deep plump and round 
ruffianviolent cruel man 
rumplemake rough 
sagacioushaving sound judgment perceptive wise like a sage 
salutaryremedial wholesome causing improvement 
sanctimonyself-righteousness hypocritical with FALSE piety 
sanctionapproval (by authority) penalty 
sanguinecheerful confident optimistic 
sanityhealth of mind soundness of judgement 
sashlong strip worn round the waist 
satiatesatisfy fully 
saturninegloomy dark sullen morose 
savantperson of great learning 
savortaste flavor smth 
sawdusttiny bits of wood 
scabbardsheath for the blade 
scentsmell (esp pleasant) 
scorchbecome discolored/dry up/go at high speed 
scribblewrite hastily 
scurvymean contemptible 
secularmaterial (not spiritual) living outside monasteries 
seminallike a seed constituting a source originative 
sententiousshort and pithy full of maxims/proverbs 
sequencesuccession connected line of 
seremake hard and without feeling 
sermonreproving a person for his faults 
serratedhaving a toothed edge 
serrationhaving a toothed edge 
servilelike a slave lacking independence 
severbreak off 
shallowlittle depth not earnest 
shardpiece of broken earthenware 
sheathcover for the blade of a weapon or a tool 
shrewdastute showing sound judgement 
shrillsharp piercing 
shunkeep away from avoid 
shuntsend from one track to another lay aside evade discussion 
sidestepstep to one side 
simper(give a) silly/self-conscious smile 
sinuouswinding undulating serpentine 
skiffsmall boat 
skitshort piece of humorous writing 
slacksluggish dull not tight 
slaketo assuage to satisfy allay 
slateking of blue-grey stone propose criticize 
sluggardlazy slow-moving person 
slurjoin sounds/words (indistinct) 
smolderburn slowly without flame 
snubtreat with contempt 
soarrise fly high 
sobrietyquality or condition of being sober 
soddensoaked saturated 
soggyheavy with water 
solventof the power of forming a solution 
somaticof the body 
sootblack powder in smoke 
sophisticatedcomplex subtle refined 
sophistryfallacious reasoning faulty logic 
sophomoricself-assured though immature affected bombastic overblown 
soporificproducing sleep 
sordidwretched comfortless contemptible 
spearweapon with a metal point on a long shaft 
speciousillogical of questionable truth or merit 
spleneticbad-tempered irritable 
splicejoin (two ends) 
spongeporous rubber for washing live at once expense 
spuriousFALSE counterfeit 
spurnhave nothing to do reject or refuse 
squalidfoul filthy 
squanderspend wastefully 
squatcrouch/settle without permission 
stanchto stop the flow of a fluid 
steeplyrising or falling sharply 
stentorianextremely loud and powerful 
sticklerperson who insists on importance of smth 
stigmamark of shame or disgrace 
stigmatizedescribe smb scornfully 
stingsmth sharp 
stingyspending using unwillingly 
stintto be thrifty to set limits 
stipplepaint with dots 
stipulatestate or put forward as a necessary condition 
stolidshowing no emotion impassive 
straywander lose one’s way 
streaklong thin move very fast 
striatedstriped grooved or banded 
stridewalk with long steps 
struta supporting bar 
stygianhence dark gloomy 
stymieto hinder obstruct or block 
subdueovercome bring under control 
sublimeextreme astounding 
submergeput under water liquid sink out of sight 
suborninduce by bribery or smth to commit perjury 
subpoenawritten order requiring a person to appear in a low court 
substantiationgiving facts to support (statement) 
subsumeinclude under a rule 
succorassistance relief in time of distress 
sufficebe enough 
suffocatecause or have difficulty in breathing 
sulliedto be stained or discredited 
summarilybriefly without delay 
sundryvarious miscellaneous separate 
superciliousdisdainful characterized by haughty scorn 
superfluousmore then is needed or wanted 
superimposeput smth on the top 
supersedetake the place of 
supinelying on the back slow to act passive 
suppliantasking humbly beseeching 
supplicatemake a humble petition to 
suppressprevent from being known put an end to 
surchargeadditional load/charge 
surfeitsatiate feed to fulness or to excess 
swervechange direction suddenly 
sycophantperson who flatter to the rich and powerful 
synopsissummary or outline 
taciturnuntalkative silent 
tadpoleform of a frog when it leaves the egg 
talonclaw of a bird of prey 
tamptap or drive down by repeated light blows 
tamperinterfere with 
tangentialsuddenly changeable 
tarnishedlost brightness 
tasselbunch of threads 
tauntcontemptuous reproach hurtful remark 
tauttightly stretched 
tautologya repetition a redundancy 
tawdrycheap gaudy showy tacky 
teetotaloppose to alcohol 
temerityboldness brashness intrepidness 
temperanceabstinence from alcohol self-control moderation 
temperateshowing self-control 
tenacityfirmness persistency adhesiveness tending to hang on 
tenuousinsubstantial flimsy weak 
tersebrief and to the point 
thriftcare economy thriving prosperous 
timidshy easily frightened 
timorousfearful timid afraid 
toadyobsequious flatterer 
tonicsmth giving strength or energy 
topplebe unsteady and overturn 
tormentsevere pain or suffering 
torpidsleeping sluggish lethargic dormant 
torquetwisting force causing rotation 
tortuousdevious/not straightforward 
toutperson who worries others to buy smth to use his service 
tractableeasily controlled or guided 
transgressbreak go beyond (a limit) 
transienttemporary fleeting 
trenchantforceful effective vigorous extremely perceptive incisive 
trepidationalarm excited state of mind 
trickleflow in drops 
tritenot new 
truce(agreement) stop of fighting for a time 
truculenceaggressiveness ferocity 
trudgewalk heavily 
turbidmuddy having the sediment stirred up 
turbulencebeing uncontrolled violent 
turgidexcessively ornate swollen or bloated 
turmoiltrouble disturbance 
turpitudewickedness shamefulness 
turquoisegreenish-blue precious stone 
tyrotiro beginner 
ubiquitouspresent everywhere 
ulteriorsituated beyond 
umbrageoffense resentment 
uncouthrough awkward 
underbidmake a lower bid then smb else 
undermineweaken gradually at the base make smth under 
undulateto move in wavelike fashion fluctuate 
unearthdiscover and bring to light 
unencumberedeasy-going trifle 
unfeignednot pretended sincere 
unscathedunharmed unhurt 
untowardunfortunate inconvenient 
upbraidscold reproach 
urbaneelegant refined in manners 
vacillationbeing uncertain hesitating 
vagarystrange act or idea 
vainwithout use result conceited 
veerchange direction 
venalready to do smth dishonest 
veneersurface appearance covering the TRUE nature 
venerationregard with deep respect 
verdantfresh and green 
verisimilitudeappearing TRUE or real 
veritablereal rightly named 
vervespirit vigor enthusiasm 
vestigetrace or sign 
vexannoy distress trouble 
vigilancewatchfulness self-appointed group who maintain order 
vigilantmember of a vigilance committee 
vigorousstrong energetic 
vilifyslander say evil things 
vindictivehaving a desire to revenge 
viragoa loud domineering woman a scold or nag 
visceralof the internal organs of the body 
vitiatelower the quality weaken the strength 
vituperatecurse abuse in words 
vivaciouslively high-spirited 
volatilechangeable inconstant fickle unstable explosive 
volubilityfluency verbosity easy use of spoken language 
waffletalk vaguely and without much result 
waftscent waving movement carry lightly through 
wagmerry person 
warmongerperson who stirs up war 
warrantauthority written order guarantee 
weanto turn away (from a habit) 
weighmeasure hoe heavy smth is 
welterturmoil a bewildering jumble 
wendto go proceed 
whimsicalfull of odd and fanciful ideas 
winceshow bodily or mental pain 
wootry to win 
writwritten order 
yarntale story fibers for knitting 
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