Once you have mastered the material in the previous chapters and have an overall idea of what you want to say in your essay, you can focus on the best way to express it. This part of the SAT Writing Sample Essay Guide will help you develop the skills you need to create well-developed and well-written essays.

We have divided the lessons for writing into two parts:

  • Writing Style: learn to be clear, concise and compelling.
  • Grammar Rules: learn to use grammar appropriately.

Writing Style section is divided into 10 categories :

  •      Chapter 3a(1) :      Fill Sentences
  •      Chapter 3a(2) :      Be concise
  •      Chapter 3a(3) :      Qualification
  •      Chapter 3a(4) :      Start Strong
  •      Chapter 3a(5) :      Active Voice
  •      Chapter 3a(6) :      Self-Reference
  •      Chapter 3a(7) :      Redundancy
  •      Chapter 3a(8) :      Vague
  •      Chapter 3a(9) :      Cliche
  •      Chapter 3a(10):     Jargon
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