An “800” is the highest possible score on the GMAT. At 800score, our mission is to democratize access to higher education. We make the most comprehensive free test prep courses available.  All students should have a fair chance of getting their highest-possible score and getting into their ideal graduate school. 800score’s practice tests have been licensed by dozens of GMAT classroom courses and educational institutions worldwide.

Standardized testing is one of the most glaring inequalities in the 1st world. Wealthy parents can use elite test prep services to all but buy their way into elite institutions. Lower-income students tend to score poorly and are painfully aware of the inequalities built into the system.

800score has a history of leading innovation in the test prep field.

  • Our exclusive test-pacer training system that is built into all of our tests interactively teaches you the complex pacing for GMAT CAT.
  • We developed online timed practice essays so that you can practice under real conditions and send in essays for grading and feedback.
  • New for 2020: video-game instructional technology

We’ve launched our new video game platform for LSAT and will be scaling this out to GMAT and GRE in 2020. Yes, you will be able to do test prep using a video game interface to teach you the complex concepts necessary for test day. Gamified education adapts to your skill level, makes test prep engaging, and helps to understand dynamic concepts where values change or interact structurally. For this mission of democratizing education, games make up for the obvious gap between rich-and-poor: the availability of individual tutors. We hope to use games to help bridge this glaring inequality.

The new GMAT and GRE courses should be ready for launch this June. There will be hundreds of videos and exercises, making the free course on par with what might cost hundreds of dollars. In 2021 we plan on launching SAT and ACT.

We invite your feedback and support.

Those who are self-motivated and disciplined will probably do well with the content and computer adaptive practice tests.

The 800score GMAT course sets the standard for low-cost test preparation. The tests are wonderfully designed and easy to use. The questions are challenging and the explanations are above anything else in the industry.
-Epinions Review