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The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) requires test takers to demonstrate their ability to analyze and critique an argument. It consists of one 30-minute essay, Analysis of Argument. You will receive a grade from 1 to 6, which will be sent with your GMAT scores.

How is the AWA Graded?

Your essay will be graded by a human grader and an “E-rater” computerized grading program. If they disagree, it will be sent to a third human grader. If you do not write your essay in the proper format for the computerized grader, it could lead to a lower score. Throughout this guide, we have tips on how to cater your writing towards the computerized grader.

How to Prepare for the AWA

The good news is that the AWA can be beaten. The structures for the AWA answers are simple and can be learned. In addition, while some GMAT preparation may appear “useless” and without any merit beyond test day, the skills, reasoning tools, and techniques you learn for the AWA may be applied to any essay or persuasive writing. These skills will help you throughout business school and beyond.

The guide is divided into these sections:

You can take practice essays and send them in for grading at:

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